Someone is turning the childhood game of “the floor is lava” into a videogame

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With all the quality control issues on Steam, we still love the fact that anyone can come up with a crazy game idea and upload it to Greenlight.

Today’s crazy-but-not-so-crazy game is Hot Lava – a videogame adaptation of “the floor is lava“.

The game, created by Mark Laprairie and uploaded in March of last year, has enjoyed relatively little fanfare despite making it through the gauntlet of the voting system and becoming Greenlit. 

It recently entered the spotlight thanks to a post on one of the biggest parts of Reddit. The post, entitled “Finally Some One Made it” is gathering a lot of attention and the creator has even commented on it.

While you can watch the great trailer below, and visit the Greenlight Steam page, there’s no final game page where you can view it and purchase, but the creator stated that is being worked on and will be made public in the future.

This is as indie a game as you’ll find, as Laprairie explains it as a passion project they’ve been working on at night and during weekends. Luckily, he’s partnered with Klei Entertainment to create the game. You may know Klei for their recent success with the Don’t Starve series.

We’re patiently waiting to get our hands on Hot Lava to see if we can relive some of our childhood without ruining or living rooms or playing around in an active volcano. We’ll update the story when the official Steam page goes live and we can get our hands on some playable code.

In the meantime if you fancy splashing around in lava in your living room right now, Double Fine kicked out a game where you can do just that on your Xbox 360 called Happy Action Theatre. It’s available on the Xbox Store and yes, you will need Kinect to play it


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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