Here are the special features you’ll get with the Deadpool Blu-ray

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Ever since the man himself Deadpool reviewed his own movie for us, and threatened us with a katana, we’ve been patiently waiting for the release of the DVD and Blu-ray.

Today we found out what we’ll get inside besides the movie (because it would be strange if that didn’t come with it).

The official Deadpool movie Twitter account recently Tweeted out the below picture as well as a link to pre-order the Blu-ray for a May 10th release. That, however, is only if you’re in America and buy it through Amazon. We’ll talk about getting it locally later on.


The real highlight here (for us personally, we don’t know how you feel about Deadpool’s sack) is the gag reel. There’s apparently a metric ton of great material that had to be left out because “it went too far”. Luckily, we should be getting that in the home release, because we’ll be watching it alone with no one to judge.

Another highlight there is audio commentary from co-creator of the character and Rob Liefeld.

As for us in South Africa, we took a look around local online retailers where Takealot and Raru have listings for an expected 17th of June release date locally. Takealot is the only one out of the two with a price, however, which is normally R200 but is discounted before release to R159.

The sad thing is that all those extra goodies (or, at least, the best ones) will find their way to YouTube soon after international release and you may see them before you can pick up your physical copy.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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