Map Monday: South Africans are really, really stressed

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Unemployment and an unstable economic and political climate are issues that have contributed to making South Africans the second most stressed citizens in the world out of over 70 countries.

This is according to a study by Bloomberg on the world’s most stressed countries.

The newshouse gathered available data from 74 countries and ranked them according to homicide rates, GDP per capita (adjusted for purchasing-power parity), income inequality, corruption perception, unemployment, urban air pollution and life expectancy.

The map below shows the results for each country, with blue being the least stressed and red being the most.

Screenshot (59)

The table below shows the ranking from most stressed to least, revealing that Nigeria is placed first, while Norway comes in last.

Countries were given points for each variable used to rank them based on their relative position in that category’s ranking.

Screenshot (60)

[Source – Atlas and Boots, image – CC Bernard Goldbach]



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