Preacher TV Series

Preacher new teaser trailer reveals new and familiar faces

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We have to confess that we’re rather excited to see AMC’s upcoming series based on the cult comic book Preacher.

Ever since we first caught a glimpse of series’ footage last year in the first trailer, we’ve been caught between scouring the web for details and avoiding news of the Preacher TV series like the plague.

Now AMC has been so kind as to meet us halfway by releasing a teaser trailer that shows off a smidgen of new scenes – some of which contain brief flashes of characters from the comic – without actually spoiling any plot points the series creators have planned.

Those who wish to watch Preacher without knowing anything, leave now. Everyone else, hit play below.

Aside from showing us a couple of frames with Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and his vampire pal Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), whose blood-covered face seems to hint at some rather less than appropriate antics aboard an aeroplane, the new trailer gives us our first glimpse at one of the comic’s more disturbing characters, Arseface.

Readers of the comic book will know how this poor unfortunate chap (played by relative unknown Ian Colletti) earned is moniker. If you’re newcomer to the Preacher universe, we can assure you – it ain’t pretty.

There’s also a snippet of an old lady screaming – she may or may not be related to Custer – but that’s about all we know about her.

Perhaps the best piece of news the trailer contains is the airing date for its pilot; the adventures of Jesse Custer kick off Stateside this May 22nd. There’s no news about when or if it’ll be released elsewhere in the world, but we’ll keep a weather ey out, rest assured.

If it ever does land on SA TV we expect it’ll probably get more complaints than Lucifer did recently. Given that the latter is a lightweight take on its source material and Preacher looks set to stick closely to the comic – in which God is a liar, a priest speaks with the voice of creation and an Irish Vampire is a good guy – Multichoice may see their phone lines light up like a Christmas tree if they decide to air it.



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