Openserve announces up to 60% price reduction for some services

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When Telkom announced that it would be separating from its wholesale division and re-branding it as Openserve the telecom firm said the new brand could turn broadband aspirations to reality.

Today, Openserve has brought that statement closer to the realms of reality as it announces pricing reductions to its IP Connect and South African Internet eXchange Dedicated Access services from 1st June.

Within these services IP Connect will see entry-level pricing be reduced by as much as 57%. This, according to Telkom, should encourage internet service providers to engage in healthy competition with the upshot for the consumer being more affordable internet connectivity.

South African Internet eXchange Dedicated Access services will also receive a 31 – 60% discount depending on the specific services that are purchased.

Last week, Openserve announced that it was peering at Internet eXchange Point (IXP), NAPAfrica. The move was made in an attempt to circumvent the need for dedicated links to connect peers to Openserve services in other areas.

By peering with IXP, NAPAfrica, Openserve hopes to drop its pricing and increase the reach of internet while also improving latency and the quality of the network.

Chief of sales and marketing at Openserve, Prenesh Padayachee explained the importance of these price cuts and the peering with NAPAfrica.

“With these two announcements we are further signalling a break from the past by formalising the autonomy that is necessary to serve all our clients on an equitable and transparent basis,” he was quoted as saying.

[Source – Telkom]


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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