South African startups, this is your last chance to get a free trip to Seattle

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Investec and E-nnovate have been broadening the horizons of South African entrepreneurs for the past year and a half with free trips around the world, and an excursion to Seattle is fast approaching.

To qualify for the trip, you’ll need to meet some specific criteria. You’ll need to be part of the founding team of a local tech startup, have that startup registered in South Africa, and the company must have a turnover of under R50 million.

If you meet all those criteria, you can apply for a grant to go on the trip for free. If you participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Trips to Israel you cannot apply for this one, but you can still participate by paying your own way.

Doing that will cost $4 200 (R66 521), undisclosed VAT and a $300 (R4 751) participation fee.

Lastly, if you apply for the grant, you’ll need to upload a copy of the company’s latest audited financial statement at the application form below.

Regardless of the price and how you get there, this is a fantastic opportunity for small SA companies to get out into the world and to do that networking thing everyone is always talking about.

While details on what you’ll actually be doing on the trip are scarce at the moment, Seattle is a hub of tech entrepreneurship, playing host to a large number of big-name tech companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Cray Inc. and EMC. While it’s not quite Silicon Valley, it certainly is a hotbed of venture capitalists and opportunities for small businesses looking for expansion and growth opportunities.

Who knows, maybe you’ll take the trip and come back with a new business partner and ample capital.

Interested? Here are the details.

Hi-Tech Entrepreneurs Trip to Seattle

Trip dates: 24thth – 30 July 2016

Application deadline: 22nd May 2016 at 23:59

Fill out the (rather extensive) application form here

If you want to read about a successful local startup, check back with us in the coming days for an interview with Snapt CEO Dave Blakey.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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