Mods are now live for Fallout 4 on Xbox One

Have you been hankering to get the perfect water flow in Fallout 4? How about different weapons, or even bigger… uhm… assets?

Well, you are in luck, as the fan-made modifications for Fallout 4 have just gone live on Xbox.

The mods, which allow players you download user-created alterations for the game, have been available on PC for a while, so console gamers have been champing at the bit to get their hands on them.

Mods were announced for Xbox a while back, but no release date was announced – the only clue developer Bethesda offered was last week, when it tweeted the mods would arrive “within two weeks.”

You can have a look at the mods in Bethesda Workshop, but to give you a taste of what’s on offer there are mods that unlock all the armour and weapons, weather mods that make the Commonwealth always clear and bright and several mods that increase the chest size on female characters. Naturally.

If you are a little bit flummoxed on how to port the mods into your game, Eurogamer has made a cool video that explains exactly what you need to do.

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