How To: use a potato to play Skyrim, for some reason

It’s not often that we read a “How To” on the internet that reads like a recipe book. Today we’ve been shown how to turn a potato into a vehicle to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Yeah, we don’t know either.

This is a creation by YouTube creator BOOM, LLC Robotater and comes with a handy video showing off some gameplay. You can see basic movement, inventory management, lock picking, combat and more… all done via input on a potato.

So, how was this done? Thanks to a tutorial posted on Steam Community, we know that the heart of the beast is a Makey Makey. This little maker board can turn anything that conducts electricity into an input. Here, the input is used for controls to play a game.

Our favourite part has to be the dead-pan writing of the guide, which has lines such as “You will need: At least 1 large potato (I [used] 3.)” and “OPTIONAL, BUT HELPFUL: A plate or somewhere else to put the potato”. We’re sad that it didn’t end with serving suggestions.


Read the full guide on the Steam Community

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