Solidarity: #SABC will lose Labour Court appeal

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Solidarity CEO Dirk Hermann says the SABC will lose its appeal in the Labour Court against the judgement to have four fired journalists reinstated.

The SABC’s legal team sent a letter to Solidarity and Suna Venter, Foeta Krige, Jacques Steenkamp and Krivani Pillay, telling them not to report to work as it would be launching an appeal.

This is despite the Labour Court ordering the SABC reinstates them with immediate effect.

“It [the news of the appeal] was an absolute disappointment. The fact of the matter is, it was quite clear that the SABC’s conduct was unlawful and here they come wanting to defend their unlawfulness even more,” Hermann told

“They will lose this specific appeal, there’s no question about it and our concern is that they’re just continuing with this and they think they can do it because they can finance this court action with tax payers money. The disappointment also lies in the fact that it’s quite clear that the public broadcaster’s leaders don’t have the moral integrity to deal with this matter,” he added.

Solidarity will today file papers at the Labour Court to force the SABC to allow the journalists back to work, while the appeal is pending.

“We’re continuing with the battle,” Hermann said.

SABC fired cheap shot with appeal notice

Although the judgement was granted yesterday morning, the SABC decided to send the appeal notice to Solidarity and the journalists this morning when they were meant to turn up at work.

Venter and Krige were already at the public broadcaster’s offices when they were instructed not to report for duty.

Hermann said this was just an attempt by the public broadcaster to unsettle the journalists and that the public broadcaster is in contempt of court for not allowing the four to work again.

“I think the SABC is acting maliciously and unfairly,” he concluded.

The appeal may take about a week to be heard in court.