DA unapologetic about Mandela advert

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The DA has defended its controversial election campaign ad, which features Nelson Mandela, against those opposing its use of the late former South African and ANC president.

Last night, the party aired its second Municipal Elections ad titled “Only the DA can bring the change we need to move forward again”, on national TV.

The ad features a young woman who makes her way to the voting station on election day.

As she gets to the voting booth, she almost puts her “X” next to the ANC, but suddenly looks up and hears the voice of Mandela saying:

Let there be justice for all, let there be peace, let there be work, let there be bread for all

Hearing these words, she then changes her mind and votes DA.

Mandela’s grandson, Mandla, on behalf of the family, has condemned the party and the ad, saying it’s a desperate attempt to dupe voters.

“Nelson Mandela is a national icon. As our nation’s first democratic president, his legacy, and the important democratic principles which he fought for, belong to all South Africans,” DA National Spokesperson, Refiloe Ntsekhe hit back.

“It is in fact the truth: the DA is the only party realising utata Madiba’s legacy in South Africa today,” she added.

The DA said Mandela is welcome to take the matter to the IEC if he wishes, and to express his opinion about what the party feels is an honest and truthful account.

“What this ugly attack does demonstrate, however, is that the ANC has changed. It is not a party of Madiba, committed to building a united and prosperous South Africa,” Ntsekhe said.

Watch the ad below.


[Source and image – DA]