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Ensure your catches in Pokémon Go with this 3D printed aimer

As countless people the world over struggle to catch ’em all in Pokémon Go, maker Jon Cleaver wants to lend them a helping hand with a 3D printed phone case to ensure your throws are always perfect.

In the game you’ll need to throw Poké Balls in a perfect arc to catch your desired pocket monsters. Some players may be hampered in this activity by a less than decent aim.

Cleaver fixes this problem by restricting where you can touch your phone’s screen so you have no choice but to swipe perfectly.

The so-called “Pokeball aAimer” is available to download for free from My Mini Factory. From there you can 3D print it for yourself, but be warned that it will only fit an iPhone 6 at the moment.

Cleaver does mention in the item’s description that he will “make Pokeball Aimers for other shaped phones if there is enough interest”, so cross your thumbs if you’re using a different phone and don’t have the know-how to modify the files.

Alternatively, Cleaver is selling completed versions through his Etsy store for AU$8 (R86), and he ships worldwide so you can by one if you’re down here with us in Africa.

This, combined with fan-made resources like the functional spawn map, and it’s clear that the game is bringing out the maker spirit in a lot of people. While some may call it cheating, we call it innovation. Well, until developers Niantic ban someone that’s what we’re calling it anyway.

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[Source – 3D Printing Industry Via My Mini Factory]


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