Icasa to SABC: Stop ignoring our ruling

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Icasa has sent a clear warning to the SABC to stop ignoring its ruling to withdraw the ban on violent public protest footage and

The public broadcaster was meant to have complied with Icasa’s Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC) yesterday, but instead it wrote a response to the authority on Friday asking it to review the ruling. It also stated that it wanted to contest the matter in court.

On the day the ruling was handed down, the public broadcaster’s COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng further went on to say that they would not be removing the ban as the ruling was merely a “recommendation” and not an order.

Icasa however, wrote back to the its legal representative, Titus Mchunu, to reiterate its position and the fact that it was a direction and not a recommendation.

“It is correct that the findings handed down on 11 July 2016, constitute a decision of the Authority,” the letter states.

“To reiterate the Authority’s position and its direction to the SABC for the avoidance of doubt:

1.6.1 it has recognised the nature and gravity of noncompliance by the SABC

1.6.2 it has recognised the consequences of the non-compliance by the SABC

1.6.3 it has recognised the circumstances under which the noncompliance occurred

1.6.4 it directs the SABC to desist from any further contravention

1.6.5 it directs the SABC to withdraw its resolution as published in its statement of 26 May 2016, which states that the SABC will no longer broadcast footage of destruction of public property during protests

1.6.6 it directs the SABC to implement the withdrawal retrospectively from the date when the resolution was taken on 26 May 2016

and 1.6.7 it directs the Chairperson of the SABC Board to confirm in writing to Council via the Office of the CCC Coordinator within seven (7) calendar days from the date on which the order is served that the resolution was taken as ordered,” it goes on.

Meanwhile, the public broadcaster will be facing trade union Solidarity and four of its journalists who were previously suspended and have now been abruptly fired in the Labour Court to take the matter up and have them reinstated.

[Source – Media Monitoring Africa]