Would you ride a 3D printed skateboard?

Hans Fouche, famous for his giant Cheetah 3D printers that pump out functional prints such as guitars and car jacks, is back.

This time around he’s 3D printed a full size skateboard.

Fouche is a regular on the pages of makers.htxt, but this project came about thanks to Tiyani Nghonyama from Geekulcha.

Nghonyama and Geekulcha are currently running an initiative called SkateHacks that use skateboards to teach kids about making.

At a recent maker meet-up, Nghonyama spoke about SkateHacks and, of course, the idea of a 3D printed  skateboard was already on everyone’s minds.

Fouche was the first to do so, however, creating a finished version the very next day.


What you see here is a 1:1 copy of the a regular skateboard, made of solid plastic.

“This was just a direct copy of my sons old plywood skateboard so it is heavier, and less springy than the plywood one,” Said Fouche, “But, what it needs now is development of [a] version two and three. With the possibilities that 3D printing can add.”

Version two and three could be coming soon thanks to a lighter model using a lattice structure in place of the solid plastic. That, as well as a promised test run by another local maker, is coming soon, and we’ll have a story on it as soon as it does.


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