SpaceCats in Space is your 90’s Saturday morning cartoons turned into a videogame

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The pitch for the videogame “SpaceCats in Space!” harkens back to the 90’s heyday of Saturday morning cartoons.

Submitted for your approval: The Kingdom of Meowfyre is under attack from the  evil Grolich Empire. You play as Princess Angelina Contessa III, leader of the SpaceCats’ Cougar Squadron – the best damn feline fighter pilots in the Meowfyre Royal Navy.

As far as theme goes SpaceCats in Space is not shy of embracing its influences. The devs themselves refer to it as a “[finding] its roots in ‘90s cartoons – possibly the best decade in Western animation – with a dash of Top Gun and modern comedy writing”.

And what 90’s cartoon would be complete without a cheesy theme song that will wake up parents the world over early on a weekend morning?

As far as the game plays, you’re looking at a twin-stick shooter which the devs promise to focus more on shooting than dodging.

If all of this sounds good to you, you can play a demo of the game right now, for free. It’s just under 400 megabytes and has both PC and OS X versions.

As for the full game, it’s still in development and has recently been added to Steam’s Greenlight platform to be voted on by the community. If you want this game to succeed go give it a “Yes” vote.

If you really want to invest in this game (sometimes literally) then you can go back it on Kickstarter. It’s seeking  $75 000 (~R1 million) in funding with the campaign ending in 37 days from the time of writing. As of now it has raised $5 169 (~R70 000) from 123 backers.

Our only question is: when does the toy line drop?

[Source – Jim Sterling on YouTube]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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