Be a Sith apprentice with Asajj Ventress’ 3D printed lightsaber

Like Ahsoka TanoAsajj Ventress is a really cool character in the Star Wars universe that didn’t get any love in the main movies. But now you can pay her lip service and 3D print her curved lightsaber hilt.

This design was created by Brad Harris who, among other things, also created the lightsaber hilts for Tano that we recently featured.

Ventress doesn’t use the boring lightsaber hilts you’re probably familiar with; no no, hers are curved.

To create the curve, Harris cut the hilt into several pieces which resemble spinal vertebrae. They come with pegs which plug into each other which then form the hilt.

If you need some quick backstory, Asajj Ventress is the Sith apprentice / Dark Acolyte /  Darth Acolyte to Count Dooku.

While Dooku did get a great portrayal by the venerable Christopher Lee, Ventress has been seen in the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars (from 2003, not to be confused with Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008) as well as a few other mediums.

We chose to mention the 2003 series because it’s superb, made by some of the same people who made Samurai Jack,  and you should watch it. Here’s a clip to whet your appetite:

[Image – Brad Harris / Clone Wars Wiki]



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