Battlefield 1 Open Beta codes are being sent out

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Codes to access Battlefield 1’s Open Beta are now being sent out, allowing recipients to access the game.

The open beta was announced earlier in the month ahead of Gamescom. EA also released a trailer at the same time, which you can watch below.

The codes are for those who signed up for Battlefield Insider before August 21st. Players who did so will receive a code as well as access to the beta a day early. As it is the open beta, everyone will be able to join in come August 31st.

We received an email minutes ago that provided us with the code, download instructions for our chosen platform, and a description of what we can expect:

It includes Conquest and Rush modes in Sinai Desert, a map set in the Middle Eastern theater of World War I. If you reach rank 15 and play on a least four different days, you will unlock a Battlefield 1 Beta Dog Tag** when the game launches on October 21.


We haven’t had a chance to download or play the game yet (mostly because we need to try and remember our Origin passwords), but a user on Reddit is reporting that the download sizes are 7.1 GB on PC and 6.2 GB on Xbox One. Once we download the game we’ll update those numbers if need be.

The same user also mentioned that the beta will “allegedly end on September 8th”.

If you missed out on one of these early codes, all you need to do is wait a single day and then you too can access the open beta. We also suggest signing up for Battlefield Insider if you want to receive in early on future developments.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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