Municipal Elections: Last minute FYIs every voter needs

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South Africa has officially kicked off the most fiercely contested Municipal Elections since the dawn of democracy. If you’ll be voting today, tomorrow or on Wednesday, there are a few important things you need to know to keep you in the loop.

Where am I registered to vote?

By now, you should know where you’re registered to vote on Wednesday.

But if perhaps you don’t, you can easily look that information up on this easy-to-use portal created by the DA.

Alternatively, SMS your ID Number to 32810 (R1 per SMS).

Who are the potential ward councillors?

Want to know who could be your next ward councillor? The IEC has published a consolidated list  (it’s a an Excel document) of all those contesting for every single ward in South Africa.

It’s a bit of a tedious task, but worth the time if you’re looking for the info.

Special elections vote days

Special vote days, reserved for those who have registered as special voters, take place today, 1st August and tomorrow, 2nd August from 8am to 5pm.

Those who will be voting at voting stations range from party members and officials who will be on duty on voting day, to security, safety and police officials who will be on standby.

Election officials will visit the addresses provided by voters who applied for home visits at some point over these two days. They will only visit the address once. If the voter is not present, they will not be able to cast a special vote.

All special votes collected are stored securely overnight on 1st and 2nd August – and are then opened, reconciled and added to the ordinary ballots cast on 3rd August before counting begins.

Do this, don’t do that

According to the IEC’s regulations, you are allowed to wear party regalia on voting day. You are not allowed to take any selfies (or play Pokemon Go) and bring any weapons or alcohol with you.

How to vote

The infographic below tells you what to expect when you get to the voting station.

Poster - Are you ready to vote-page-001