How to look up who your new ward councillor is

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It’s been more than three weeks since the IEC wrapped up the 2016 Municipal Elections.

Elected parties and officials have started getting down to the hard work, but do you know who your ward councillor is?

It’s very important that every citizen, regardless of whether you voted or not, knows who their ward councillor is, so that they are able to take any issues related to their neighbourhood up with them and have them addressed through the correct structures.

Not only that, but it’s also important to have someone to hold accountable should issues go unaddressed and residents are not satisfied with services.

The IEC has updated its list of ward councillors since the elections as at 15th August, which you can use to look up your new ward councillor or to see if your previous one was reelected.

You can do either of the following:

Download this PDF document which lists all municipalities, wards and councillors, in alphabetical order, starting with the Eastern Cape.

Or you could go the easier route and use the “Who is My Ward Councillor” finder on the IEC website. All you need is your municipality’s name and ward number.  The site will show you person’s name and municipality contact details.

If you don’t know your ward number, you can search using your ID number on the site or via SMS (send to 32245).

[Source – IEC]