Uber vs Taxify vs Zebra Cabs: Which app offers the cheapest cab rides in Jozi?

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The rise of Uber has also given rise to numerous ride-sharing competitors.

Yes, Uber was the first firm to use a smartphone app to pair riders and drivers with each other but here in Johannesburg they aren’t the only service offering rides by way of an app.

Taxify and Zebra Cabs have smartphone applications that can be used to hail a cab. The question is, are they worth downloading?

To answer that question we decided to find out which service offer the cheapest cab ride in Johannesburg.

How we did this

We picked three destinations: one close-by our offices in Johannesburg (The Zone @ Rosebank), a mall a bit further away from us (Cresta in Randburg) and O.R Tambo International airport.

After selecting our destinations we checked for quotes within moments of each other. This ensures that there is a minimal variation in time-of-day and thus less pricing variation.

Finally, our starting point was always the same and we selected the cheapest cab option each time. None of the apps could provide us with an exact quote so we’ll be looking at the roof of what they wish to charge to us.

htxt.HQ to The Zone @ Rosebank – 4km

Minimum Fare Maximum Fare
UberX R44 R57
Zebra Cabs R50 R60
Taxify R50 R60

UberX takes the cake for our shortest distance test. The saving of R3 is negligible but, its a saving nonetheless.

htxt.HQ to Cresta – 13km

Minimum fare Maximum fare
UberX R102 R135
Zebra Cabs R131 R160
Taxify R105 R120

Uber loses this round and by a substantial margin. While Taxify’s minimum fare is a bit higher than UberX, you could potentially save R15 if you hit traffic en-route.

htxt.HQ to O.R Tambo International Airport – 21km

Minimum fare Maximum fare
UberX R154 R205
ZebraCabs R204 R248
Taxify R205 R240

The clear winner for this trip is Uber, we can’t argue possibly argue with a saving of up to R43 and we’re sure you can’t either.

The winner is… you

So Uber is cheaper in two out of the three trips but the real winner here is you, the person hailing a cab. Why would we say that? Well to put it plainly, there is more than one option for you to choose from.

We must however point out that this is just one test and the results may vary depending on distance, time of day and the proliferation of traffic on the roads.

Because of this we would recommend downloading the apps for each of these services and comparing them yourself when you need to hail a cab.

You’ll lose some storage space, but you’ll save some cash instead.

Get the free apps:

Get Zebra Cabs on Android and iOS

Get Taxify on Android and iOS

Get Uber on Android and iOS


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.