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You can urinate on the grave of Satan in Broforce

Made right here in South Africa, side-scrolling blast-’em-up Broforce has been an international success.

With the game’s full release, we sat down to complete it, and it has quite the ending in store for its players.

Fair warning: the rest of this article is a spoiler for the story of Broforce. We don’t think that story is a major factor n the game, but we’ve warned you regardless.

While you may be using history’s greatest Bros to fight nameless henchmen and Xenomorphs throughout the game, the real enemy and final boss is Satan himself.

Once you’ve beat him, played the final, congratulatory mission of the story and watched the credits, there is a final scene before you’re booted back to the title screen.

And here it is: “Rambro” (a facsimile of Rambo) opening his fly and urinating on the grave and tombstone of the now deceased Satan.

Even in the game’s final act it borrows (and makes a joke about) another piece of popular culture.

The “press X to pay respects” joke comes from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In it, there is a cutscene in which the player attends and funeral and is prompted to push a button to say their final goodbyes to a fallen alley. The internet had a field day with this silly insertion in such a supposedly serious scene.

Cape Town based developers Free Lives really threw us for a loop here. It was such a strange turn at the end of the game and we thought it was worth reflecting on.


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