Add some No Man’s Sky to your real life with a 3D printed grave icon

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Even though the initial hype has died down and many people have made up their minds about it, No Man’s Sky is still enjoying much fanfare.

Today we’re looking at one specific piece of fanfare in the form of a fan-made, 3D printable design of a “grave icon”.

According to this guide, grave icons work in much the same way as Bloodstains from the Dark Souls series of games. if a player dies one of the grave icons is left where they perished and returning to it returns their previously acquired gear.

This 3D print created by Martin Moore and hosted on MyMiniFactory, is a very pleasing geometric shape in red and black.

The print itself is made up of a variety of pieces that need to be either glued together or connected with dell sticks and pins.

If you’re still on the fence about No Man’s Sky, check out our weekend playthrough were we got so irritated we considered loading the game onto a rocket and shooting it into space. (Did you have the necessary resources to this? -ed.)

More, free 3D printable designs:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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