The Humble Jumbo Bundle returns for the seventh time

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It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen: not only do we have a new Humble Bundle, but it’s the bigger version of one of our favourite sales, the Humble Jumbo Bundle.

If you’ve missed this kind of bundle the previous six times it was on, it’s just a bigger bundle with more games when compared to a theme-specific bundle.

At the moment there are only seven titles available but, as is tradition, more and more will be added as time goes on. This is especially true for the bigger bundle.

Standouts from those are Punch Club and Devil Daggers. You may remember Punch Club as the game with a very strange launch, in which Twitch chat had to beat the game before the developers gave the public the honour off playing it.

Devil Daggers is something different entirely. We were eyeing this game during the last Steam Sale in July as we desperately searched something to scratch the itch that DOOM left us with. To that end it’s an old-school, fast paced FPS with a distinctive demonic feel, much like DOOM indeed.

If none of the games Humble Bundle appeals to you, don’t forget that the Humble Store is still having a massive sale on most of its titles. At the time of writing there’s only one day and eight hours left, so you need to get in soon if you want more cheap games.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 7

  • Tier 1  – Pay $1 (R13.91) or more:
  • Tier 2 – Pay more than the current average ($4.98 / R69.27 at the moment):
    • Stronghold Crusader 2
    • Prison Architect
    • Punch Club
  • Tier 3  – Pay $9.99 (R138.96) or more:
    • Miscreated (Early Access)

Charities supported:


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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