An Arduino powered iPhone charging dock that doubles as a lamp

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Charging docks and cradles for phones and other devices are a dime a dozen, but when we found this one made with an Arduino we had to show it off.

This creation comes to us from a maker who calls himself “makjosher“, real name Joshua Charles (if his contact details are to be believed) who had an idea for a unique iPhone charging dock.

This idea was for a two-phone dock that would turn a lamp on when a phone was added to the system and was being charged.

While that may sound simple, looking over the detailed instructions he created and posted on Instructables reveals it’s a little more complicated than that.

Inside of the industrial design / Steampunk body made up of piping, lies a wiring system comprised of an Arduino Uno, current sensors, solid state relay and more.

He sums it up nicely in this video:

If you were keeping tabs the electronics he listed totaled at $107 (R1 532, if our math is correct) exuding a lot of bits and bobs not given a price. That may sound expensive, but we can imagine something similar being sold for several times that amount at your local iStore.

But they’re not being sold, and if you want one you’ll need to make it yourself. Check out the instructions on Instructables. If most of that looks and sounds like Latin to you, we suggest checking out South Africa’s newest makerspace where you can learn all the skills to create projects like this yourself.

[Source Instructables Via Arduino Blog]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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