BREAKING: Hlaudi will apply for COO position when it’s advertised

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Hlaudi Motsoeneng has said he will apply for the COO post when the SABC advertises it. Mostoeneng announced this at a media briefing today hosted at the SABC offices in Auckland Park.

Chairperson of the SABC board, Mbulaheni Maguvhe, started the briefing off by stating that the ruling by the Western Cape High Court that Motsoeneng’s appointment as COO in 2014 was unlawful, did not state that the SABC couldn’t hire him in any other position or that Motsoeneng could not apply for the position.

“When we advertise, he can apply. Nothing stops him from applying,” Maguvhe said.

According to Maguvhe, the Western Cape High Court ruling states that Motsoeneng can hold the COO position, if due processes are followed.

Hlaudi’s new position

In the meantime, acting CEO, James Aguma announced that Motsoeneng will now work at the public broadcaster as the Group Executive of Corporate Affairs, a position Motsoeneng held previously in 2011.

Aguma said that he and the SABC’s current acting CFO, Audrey Raphela, had made the decision to appoint him to this position.

Since the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed a second bid to apply for leave to appeal the ruling on Monday, Motsoeneng’s position at the public broadcaster has been in question.

Mostoeneng’s lawyer, Zola Majavu, had said last week that Mostoeneng went back to the SABC as an “ordinary employee” and that they were waiting to hear from the SABC board what his official position would be.

Reports of the board wanting to appoint him as acting COO and approaching the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi, to appoint him to the position between now and December also emerged late last week.

Hlaudi: “I’m going to apply for the [COO] job”

Donning a fedora hat and an upbeat spirit, Motsoeneng said he will use his current position and turn it into an “interesting one”.

“I’m happy that I’m going back to the position I’ve been holding [sic]…That position is very critical…I’m going to make sure it’s very exciting. I’m going to make sure all provinces, 11 languages are catered for,” he said.

On the COO post, Motsoeneng emphatically stated that we be applying for the position when it is advertised.

“I’m going to apply for the job, it’s a given and I qualify to apply for that job. Even when you read the judgement and Judge Davis (who made the Western Cape High Court ruling)…let me tell you about Judge Davis, I like him…The way he was questioning my legal counsel, I realised that he is a good judge,” Motsoeneng said.

It is not clear when the COO post will be advertised.


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