Survey: Do you think #FeesMustFall will affect your child starting uni in 2017?

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The situation at South African universities is looking increasingly dire by the day with practically all major institutions halting lectures and exams due to #FeesMustFall protests.

The tension has reportedly even claimed a life, when a cleaner at Wits University died as a result of complications from inhaling fire extinguisher fumes released by protesting students at a res a week ago.

Protests erupted earlier this month, Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande announced universities are allowed to hike fees for 2017 by no more than 8%.

Students from households earning less than R600 000 a year are exempt from paying the increase, however, this is not good enough according to students behind #FeesMustFall protests who say they want free education and nothing less.

With all this in mind, the future of many current students is not quite certain. But what about learners currently in matric who are hoping to attend a local university next year?

Will they be caught in protests should they carry on into 2017? How will they be affected? As a parent, are you weary of sending your child to a local university?

Take a moment to go through our survey below and share your views.

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