Build an Arduino-powered automated laser system to entertain your cats

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While it’s well know that a cheap pen laser is great entertainment for the cats in your life, why shouldn’t you automate the process?

To that end La Fabrique DIY has built an automated system powered by an Arduino to endlessly toy with the feline in your life.

Dubbed the “Cat Laser Tower”, the build consists of two servos to move the laser about, some 3D printed housings to hold them and provide pivot points, a small laser and an Arduino to make everything work.

The Arduino and other electronics are housed in an Altoids box and then the entire build was attached to the nearest wall to begin its games.

Now if you, like the creators of this, have a cat in a small apartment with not much room to hunt and you’d like to build one too, you can use the provided build log to guide you. If you miss the link to it in the log, there’s also provided code to make the laser move randomly.

We’re not quite sure why we love this build so much. We’ve certainly looked at more complex ones in the past. Maybe it’s because this is just good, clean fun and having a cat slide around the floor while you lean back and watch sounds like a great idea. Also: we really want to know how long it will take the cat to get annoyed and attack your newly made laser turret.


[Source – Imgur Via The Verge]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of