The Lancer from Gears Of War as a full size 3D print, sans working chainsaw

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With Gears Of War on everyone’s mind thanks to the recent release of the fourth instalment, one might feel the familiar urge to fire up the chainsaw on a Lancer and cut into the nearest bad guy.

While this is impossible outside of the game – and that’s a good thing – if you want to wave around a life-size and non-lethal Lancer, allow us to point you in the direction of this 1:1 scale, 3D printable prop created by Edgar Monroy.

Monroy has made the files free to download odd of file sharing site MyMiniFactoryAll you need to do is download the files and print them on your printer or the at the local 3D printing company or makerspace. The files have been cut into slices so you can print the comically oversized weapon on smaller printers.

There are no further details provided on the page about the design so we’ll have to go off of the provided pictures and what the community is saying. At least one other person has printed their own lancer and it looks damn good thanks to some metallic finishing and blood splatter on the blades.

The only problem with this Lancer is the fact that the chainsaw doesn’t move. We now wait for a dedicated Gears of War fan to modify the files and add a motor inside of the print to allow it to move. Come on internet, we’re depending on you.


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[Images – Edgar Monroy / Zac Shing / James Clapper]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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