Bethesda sneaks ‘doot’ meme into DOOM soundtrack video

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Not only is DOOM looking more and more like our game of the year, but it has the soundtrack to match it’s outstanding gameplay.

Even if you haven’t bought and played the game, you may still enjoy the superb soundtrack. It was recently made available to buy through iTunes, Spotify and Google Play and it shot up the charts.

But our story lies in the soundtrack’s appearance on YouTube where an official version of the full score has been uploaded by publisher Bethesda. It’s what you’d expect; all the music complete with helpful time stamps to specific tracks as well as a pleasing, looping animation to watch.

But the real fun starts if you jump to a specific time stamp: 66 minutes and 6 seconds. Yes, in this hell-themed soundtrack there is an Easter Egg at the 666 mark in the video. Keep your eyes on the bottom right corner.

If you’re out of the loop what you just saw was one of the game’s monsters, a Revenant, with a trumpet.

If you’re out of that loop too, this is part of the “doot” or “Skull Trumpet” meme that has existed as a “thing” since about 1995. The humour of it is a bit odd if you’re not clued up there’s a lot of lore surrounding the notion of skeletons playing trumpets  – check out the this explanation if you want learn more.

This all loops back around to DOOM because of the Revenant’s skeletal look and the image in the header of the title replaces “DOOM” with “DOOT” – the sound a trumpet makes.

[Left] The image that circulated on the internet and [Right] the image from the soundtrack video.
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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