Learn to code for free at Africa Code Week this month

If you’re can code, you’re a desirable employee. Even in South Africa, the ability to use Java is the most sought after skill.

With that in mind we present to you Africa Code Week, seven days of not only coding, but data storytelling, robotics and more.

Taking place at the Cape Town Science Centre from October 15th to the 22nd, the event is focused on teaching children digital literacy. That being said, it’s absolutely open to everyone and is a great intro to programming if you’ve never written so much as a line of code.

To sweeten the deal, on October 15th and 22nd (both Saturdays), the R50 entry fee into the centre will be waived and there will be free workshops open to all.

Of particular interest is the  programming part of the workshop where Swift and Scratch are offered. We’ve used both of these before; Scratch is a drag-and-drop language perfect for beginners, and Swift is used to make apps for Apple devices and more.

Africa Code Week details

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