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No more Groupon? Three Sites where you can still find online deals

As of yesterday, Groupon will cease to operate in South Africa due to “market potential and the required investment”. For those who were avid consumers of Groupon deals, we’ve rounded up a few sites you can still use to find deals.

Bula Deals

Launched in January this year, Bula Deals doubles as an ordinary online shopping site and deals site divided into a Group Buying and Online Shopping sections.

The site mainly features tech products, but also has a beauty category and even an education category, where you can buy tickets and packages for business workshops, driving school lessons, etc.

Group Buying is where you’ll find deals on various products. To see all discounted products, just enter “Group Buying” into the search bar and it’ll take you there.


OneDayOnly is one of South Africa’s most popular deals sites.

What makes it different, however, is that deals are only available for 24 hours after they’re posted, so it’s all about timing.

They have deals on products ranging from clothing, gadgets, household appliances, outdoor gear, food and furniture. [And sometimes sex toys – Ed]

What’s really cool is that most of the products featured on the site, are not just “end of range which nobody wants anyway”, as seen with other deals sites, but are often in sync with seasons (such ceiling fans and inflatable pools in the Summer).

Daddy’s Deals

Daddy’s Deals is very similar to Groupon as getaways, spa vouchers and adventure activities you can do as an individual, pair or group is a main selling point of the site.

It also has various online courses you can take for just R19, as well as toys, beauty, healthcare and household products you can buy.


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