Paine’s sword from Final Fantasy X-2 as a 3D print

First came Kadaj’s double-bladed katana. Now, another weapon from the Final Fantasy games has been recreated as a fan-made 3D print.

This time it’s the sword used by Paine in Final Fantasy X-2, complete with the intricate skull design at the bottom of the blade.

The rather long weapon is divided into 13 parts for easier printing so the blade will have some unsightly segmentation right off of the print bed. You’re going need to do a lot of work to make it looks like a real sword for cosplay, decoration or any other use you may have for a Final Fantasy weapon.

If you do want to download one, you can do so for free from MyMiniFactory.

Strangely, this was created by Ricardo Salomao, a maker we featured just yesterday becase of his Donald Trump action figure. He creates a lot of cool stuff we don’t have the time to cover, so check out his profile for more.

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