Grassffiti is a machine that lets you turn grass into art

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In what must be the most interesting but least practical project we’ve featured in a while, Grassffiti is a device that lets you draw on grass.

This strange machine is the brainchild of Keio University research associate Yuta Sugiura who suggests that this could be used for “large-scale pictures in public spaces”. We assume that this means creating logos, adverts and such on sports fields.

The prototype you’ll see in the video below uses 16 motors attached to little arms. By activating the arms and pressing down on the grass, you create a gird which can be filled out using an app.

While the resulting image isn’t that clear, Grassffiti does a good enough job of illustrating the concept which Sugiura initially used in another area: carpets.

Yes the ideas behind this project were initially conceived in “Graffiti Fur”, which aimed to turn a carpet into a digital display. Not only did this version allow a clearer image, but it was also able to accept pictures and text as an input, meaning you could draw the famous artwork The Great Wave off Kanagawa onto the lounge rug. Now that really ties the room together.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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