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A wearable LEGO Death Trooper helmet from Rogue One

Rogue One LEGO Death Trooper

The new Stormtrooper seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the ominously named Death Trooper, has partly received the LEGO treatment.

Created by fan LegoSpencer, this helmet is a full size replica that can be worn. It’s made entirely out of genuine LEGO, except for the lighting system. As LEGO doesn’t currently produce something that could pull off the effect, a third party product called LifeLites was used.

It was a deviation from what is called a purist build – that is only using official pieces – but it was needed to help create the sinister green glow seen in the movie.

LegoSpencer based the design of parts of the project from this build of a helmet from Halo 3: ODST. The underlying structure of both projects uses dozens of small ball joints. This allows it to pull of angles you wouldn’t think possible for LEGO.

To end off on two things Rogue One, there is an official Death Trooper buildable action figure that you can buy in stores. It’s not as cool as the K-2SO that you can also buy (and we mentioned in the story about the 3D printed version), but it’s a great purchase if you like the design of the character.

Finally, check out our Rogue One review if you’re in the small group of people on the fence about seeing this movie.

[Source – The Brother Brick Via YouTube]


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