An astounding 38% of Steam’s library was released this year alone, according to Steam Spy

According to unofficial Steam tracking site Steam Spy, 38% of the store’s library was released only this year.

This is according to a Tweet and accompanying chart that was put out yesterday:

Considering that Steam has been online since 2003, this massive influx of games in a single year is jarring to read. Apparently this percentage relates to 4 207 titles being released in 2016.

This goes a long way to confirm what people have been saying for ages: there is little to no quality control on the storefront, resulting in increasingly lower and lower effort “games” making it onto the platform.

We played one such game once, Summer Sale, a “parody” of the store’s famous yearly sale. It was obviously a slapdash attempt to make a few dollars off of a stupid joke and it’s only one of what we assume to be thousands of similar games and asset flips which now litter the most popular PC online store.

Unfortunately, looking to the future yields no hope for this trend changing. Valve has been adamant in the changes it has made over the years and problems plaguing the platform have been left unchanged. Instead new features such as curators and personal ques have been added to try and cut through the fat.

How many new games will we see in 2017?

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