Hitman Holiday Hoarder DLC is coming next week

Hitman festive free DLC drops next week

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Hitman fans rejoice! You probably thought that IO Interactive was done with episodic content for Agent 47 in 2016. Oh, how wrong you were.

On December 13th – that’s Tuesday next week, if you’re wondering – the developer is releasing Holiday Hoarders, a festive-themed mission that sees Agent 47 returning to Paris to deal with some people on Santa’s ‘Naughty’ list.

The Holiday Hoarders takes place in the same ornate venue as the first proper mission in the base game – The Showstopper – and sees Agent 47 on the trail of a pair of thieves. The two are helping themselves to presents dotted around the place and it’s up to 47 to stop them – like, permanently.

If players get to the presents before the two bandits, they’ll find some helpful items inside to aid them in their quest. The DLC also comes with a series of challenges that offer players unlockable rewards.

Now, here’s the icing: it’s free.

Well, it’s free for those tight-fisted so-and-so’s who are more Scrooge than Cratchit. Holiday Hoarders is being released in support of the World Cancer Research Fund and IO is asking players to donate what they can.

Now, you don’t have to donate any money – as was mentioned before the new DLC is free. But come on! Are you saying that you don’t have at least a little loose change you can spare for cancer research this year? The donation really can be as small or as large as you like and every little bit helps!

And have a look at the trailer below and try and claim you should have this for free. For God’s sake; it has Agent 47 prancing around in a Santa suit and quite frankly, that’s worth at least a handful of cash alone!