Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – Cameras

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While it may sound like an antiquated past time, you might find a couple of your friends or relatives are shutterbugs. Sure, people are more likely to take pictures with their phone cameras, but to take professional—level photos still requires a dedicated snapper. Here are some of the year’s best to choose from.

This list is the newest in our ongoing Holiday Gift Guide for 2016. Keep checking back to for new guides leading up to Christmas.

FujiFilm X-T10 Body

Tired of your photography-loving significant other lamenting the price of the gorgeous FujiFilm X-T1 mirrorless camera? You might want to take a look at the X-T10, then: it’s a stripped-down version of the X-T1 that costs a lot less, while offering a lot of what makes the X-T1 so appealing.  For instance, the X-T10 the same 16MP X-Trans APS-C sensor, which is capable of producing the same image quality offered by the X-T1. You just don’t get the same ruggedness – the X-T10 has no weather-sealing features, plus the viewfinder experience isn’t quite as good.  Still, that’s not too bad considering the image quality on offer, plus going with the X-T10 will save you six grand or so.

Price: R14 995

Nikon D5500 + 18 – 55mm DX Lens Kit

User-friendliness is the D5500’s stock in trade, as it’s a 24MP DSLR that’s been tweaked over its predecessor, the D5300, to provide the photographer with the right blend of automatic and manual controls and excellent image quality.  The D5500 has a touchscreen LCD monitor mounted on a vari-angle hinge, granting cool features like swiping left and right to adjust ISO settings, the ability to pinch to zoom and other gesture-based controls. The button layout is also rather easygoing, giving the photographer access to plenty of manual controls with a friendly layout.
The completeness of this kit, which provides an 18—55mm DX lens, a camera bag, a memory card and a card reader, makes this a brilliant DSLR starter kit to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Price: R16 499
From: Takealot


Olympus Pen-F Body

Here’s a brilliant micro four thirds camera for anyone who loves modern amenities in their retro-looking shooters. Its 20.3 MP sensor offers excellent image quality, it has really quick autofocus and marvellous all-round performance and of course, that stylish retro body.  The only real downsides are that it doesn’t shoot 4K video, there’s no microphone jack or weather-proofing and its battery life doesn’t impress, but these are small issues that shouldn’t detract from its appeal unless you specifically need those exact features.  The PEN-F is extremely well-built, it takes amazing photos and it feels very solid in the hand. This is a shooter for people who appreciate fantastic image quality and the retro stylings of the cameras of yesteryear.

Price: R21 399
From: Takealot

Canon EOS 750D + 8-55mm IS STM Lens

Here’s a great camera for someone interested getting into DSLR photography, as it offers the benefits of lens choice and the stunning image quality of DSLR but without the massive learning curve that has been known to put beginners off.  Naturally, that means more automatic controls than manual – great for getting to grips with DSLR tech without the intimidation of having to go full-manual from the get-go.  It’s not a very expensive model either, and is made of a polycarbonate material rather than magnesium alloy, but that polycarbonate at least covers an aluminium skeleton so it’s definitely very sturdy. Its light weight makes it ideal for use with Canon’s cheaper lenses.  Ultimately, this is a very practical camera to get for your budding photographer for Christmas.

Price: R9 999
From: Takealot


[Image – CC 2.0 by Elektra Noelani Grey]

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