The Mummy

Tom Cruise to star in reboot of The Mummy

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Poor old Brendan Fraser.

Once upon a time he was a marquee name heading up blockbuster screwball comedies (Airheads, Blast From The Past and Bedazzled) alongside worthy dramas that showed off his significant acting chops (School Ties, Gods & Monsters, The Quiet American). Now he’s…, well let’s just say we haven’t seen him in a box office contender in a while.

We were holding out hope that he could possibly return to our cinema screens in a new film in The Mummy franchise – which he helmed so convincingly as the charming adventurer, Rick O’ Connell. Now, it seems, that’s no going to happen.

The reason being is that The Mummy is being rebooted with Tom Cruise in the new film’s starring role. Gone are the lush, warm textures of the last franchise, replaced with something far more gritty – and looking at the trailer, far louder.

According to a synopsis posted on Screenrant, an ancient Egyptian empress is unearthed by a group of nosy archaeologists (and let’s face it, that never ends well). Since her ‘destiny’ was left unfulfilled at the time she died, she decides to bring armageddon to the present day (hey, that’s gratitude for you).

Polygon also notes that The Mummy is the first in a planned series of reboots of classic horror franchises. Universal pictures apparently has Dracula, Frankenstien, The Wolfman, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Van Helsing movies in the pipeline. Oh, and it also has plans for a movie that involves all of the above.

It looks like classic monsters are about to be given The Avengers and Star Wars treatment. Popcorn at the ready, people.