Square Enix’s European Twitter account hacked

Square Enix’s European twitter account was compromised this afternoon when a hacker group calling themselves “Cyberwolfgang” took control of it.

While the tweets themselves are quite juvenile, the damage done to the account extends far beyond the hate speech spouted.

The Square Enix Europe account, which followed 150+ notable SE staff, influencers and associated accounts now follows a total of 0 people. Additionally, a 150 000 people have unfollowed the Square Enix Europe account as a result of the hacking.

This was achieved by the hacked account blocking people en masse (When you block an account, they are forced to unfollow you).

This is a massive blow to Square Enix since followers are built up over a very long time. Square Enix’s European community management team are currently working on regaining access to their account.

For the rest of us though, this should be a lesson to enable two-factor authentication everywhere possible (Facebook, PSN, Google etc) to assist in protecting your accounts.

[Source: VG247]

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