Xbox One’s new update will include ‘Copilot’ feature

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If you own an Xbox One and you’ve been following Major Nelson’s blog this month, you’ll know your console is due for an update in the not too distant future.

Alongside some expected tweaks and tucks – such as streamlining the home hub, streaming video content and the addition of a nifty mini-menu – the new update will include a brand new feature called ‘Copilot’.

Copilot will allow players to use two controllers for the same input. Essentially, two controllers become one allowing two players the same control features under one profile.

While that may sound rather odd, there’s some rather intuitive thinking behind it. For example, disabled players can now have a mate take control of their game or Xbox One functionality. Also, players who are struggling with a particularly tricky bit in a game can hand over control to a friend without having to hand over their control pad.

Xbox ambassador and all around nice guy Major Nelson has posted a video to talk players through this new feature. Copilot kicks in at around the 3:25 minute mark.

“That feature actually works not just for people that have maybe disabilities, but people who might just need help getting through their games,” says Scott Henson from the Xbox engineering team (who, incidentally, has just started playing Destiny again).

Some Xbox Insider Programme users will be receiving the update today while other users can expect it in the coming weeks. There’s no word yet on the size of the update, but we’re betting you can probably make a cup of coffee while it comes down or, depending on the speed of your connection, a dinner for two.