EA's Peter Moore becomes Liverpool FC's CEO

EA’s Peter Moore to become Liverpool FC CEO

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How often does the possibility of landing a dream job drop in your lap? Once, maybe twice in a lifetime if you’re lucky.

Most readers of this blog would probably consider running EA Sports a dream job, but then, they aren’t Peter Moore, a man who unabashedly drops his love of Liverpool FC into every second interview he has with the games media.

So it is with some surprise that we can report this morning that Peter has landed his own dream job as Liverpool’s new CEO. According to a post on the football club’s website, Peter will take up his new position from June this year.

The news heralds the end of one of the most distinguished and entertaining careers in the videogames industry. If you’re in the dark about Peter’s CV, this is the man who helped launch the Xbox 360 with Microsoft. He tattooed game logos on his arm in order to promote them as exclusives.

He’s spent the last ten years at EA, first as COO and more recently as president of EA Sports. He was once tipped to replace John Riccitiello as EA’s CEO, but the job went to Andrew Wilson instead (and became just as boring).

“Peter has been a statesman and advocate for our industry,” Wilson said in a statement. “We could not be happier to see him take the helm at Liverpool, and I personally could not be more honoured to call Peter a dear friend for life.”

Will Liverpool’s fortunes change once Moore starts to helm the club? Does a career in videogames prepare one for the rigours of running a football club? Liverpool fans can start praying now…

Incidentally, you’ll note we’ve referred to the sport as football in this story, not soccer. The reasons for this are two-fold.

  1. The company Peter Moore is joining is called Liverpool FC. Not Liverpool SC. See what they did there?
  2. You use your FOOT to kick a BALL in this game. It’s pretty self-explanatory.