Addicted to 3D printing? Make yourself some Jet from Fallout

The fictional drug Jet has long been in a staple in the Fallout franchise, but now it’s finally a 3D print you can carry around and probably get arrested for (probably not -ed.).

Created by maker Travis Perry (who goes by the username “PowerHobo” online), this recreation is perfectly sized to fit in your hand or hide in a coat pocket.

While we’ve seen the files for a similar prop floating around before, this is the first time we can recall that it has been printed out and painted so well. The vial at the top is especially well done, managing to look glassy and particularly filthy.

You can find the files to make your own Jet over on either MyMiniFactory or Thingiverse.

We hope someone takes this design and modifies it to fit an inhaler, or even a vape.

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[Image – Fallout Wiki]

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