This replica of Mercy’s staff from Overwatch actually moves just like it does in the game

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We wrote the guide on 3D printed props from Overwatch, but almost all of them are static creations that lack the movements you see in the game.

Changing that is user “Engineer_Corwin” from Instructables who has recreated Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, complete with moving elements. The top of the staff will rotate around like it does in the game when a small switch is flicked.

Unfortunately the only video of the prop in action is this very short five second clip. It’s just long enough to show the project off, but we want to see more.

This project took six to seven month to complete and used these free files to 3D print the body of the staff, which was then filled with a complex gearing system and a small motor to drive it.

It’s amazing how much was crammed into the staff to make the mechanism work and it even incorporates parts from a broken printer.

If you want to see how it was made, the build log and write up is available on Instructables. It’s extremely intensive and detailed, and should be more than enough to help you build your own version.

You can see more pictures of the staff below, as modelled by cosplayer Kassandra Leigh.

[Image – Eurobeat Kasumi Photography]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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