Hearthstone's card pack system is changing

Win this week’s Tavern Brawl and start your Journey to Un’Goro collection

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After the festivities (shouldn’t that be brutalities? – ed.)of the Heroic Tavern Brawl last week, the tried, tested and much loved Tavern Brawl is back this week but with a bit of a twist.

Usually, winning your first game in a Tavern Brawl nets you a free pack of Classic cards but this week you can win a pack from the forthcoming expansion, Journey to Un’Goro.

The theme for the Brawl this week is Encounter at the Crossroads.

Brawlers need only pick a class and your deck will be filled with random cards from the Wild format.

Everything appears to be business as usual until turn three when an unwelcome guest appears on the board.

Wait a minute… My opponent didn’t even need to play that!

The Party Crasher is a 4-mana minion with taunt that appears on the board at the start of your turn. At the end of your turn the minion attacks your hero directly even if you have a minion with taunt in the way.

It’s a bit of fun and who can really argue with getting a free pack for the next expansion? We certainly can’t.

As a bit of a bonus to tack on to this story, Blizzard is set to reveal some of the cards we can expect to collect when the Journey to Un’Goro expansion releases in April, this evening.

You can watch the reveal along with us this evening in the video we’ve embedded below. The festivities kick off at 8pm.

Watch live video from PlayHearthstone on www.twitch.tv

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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