Hackers demand $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards or Apple accounts will be wiped

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A group of hackers calling themselves Turkish Crime Family have allegedly gained access to iCloud and Apple accounts and are holding Apple to ransom.

The hackers are demanding $75 000 in bitcoin or Ethereum or (bizarrely) $100 000 worth of iTunes gift cards. In exchange for Apple’s payment the hackers will delete the data they have according to a report by Motherboard.

The hackers intially claimed to have access to 300 million Apple email accounts within the @icloud and @me domains but Motherboard reports that another hacker later claimed to have access to 559 million accounts.

To be frank, the number of accounts that Turkish Crime Family purports to have has moved more than a jump-rope on the playground. A Twitter account claiming to be owned by the Turkish Crime Family says that the amount of credentials it has has grown to 627 million.

There was also a video that was uploaded which allegedly showed the hackers accessing an iCloud account, htxt.africa has not seen this video

In emails seen by Motherboard between the hackers and a member of the Apple security team, the firm told the hackers that the firm does not reward cyber criminals for breaking the law and that archives of the conversation will be sent to authorities.

The hackers have given Apple until 7th April to pay the ransom at which point the hackers say they will remotely wipe all the accounts they have access to if they aren’t paid.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story to see whether the Turkish Crime Family’s claims have merit, for now though it may be worth changing your password and backing up any important information you might have stored in your email account or iCloud.

UPDATE 23/03

Apple has responded to Turkish Crime Family’s claims and said that if the hackers do in fact have information that grants them access to user accounts it was not taken from Apple.

[Via – Motherboard]



Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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