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Cape Town scores high global ranking for disclosure of climate change efforts

The City of Cape Town has received an international nod for being among the top of over 500 cities ranked for its disclosure on climate change-fighting efforts.

The city was ranked as one of the top five cities in the world out of 533 cities for demonstrating leadership in its climate disclosure where its measures and discloses its energy and climate action data annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The CDP is a not-for-profit organisation that provides the global platform for cities and companies to manage, measure and disclose their energy and climate data.

Cape Town joined these 532 other cities, 100 state and regional governments, and 5 800 companies which are expected to do this on an annual basis in order to manage emissions, build resilience, and protect themselves from the growing impacts of climate change.

Reporting to the CDP is part of the city’s 11 transformational priorities as part of its Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) , to position Cape Town as a forward-thinking, globally competitive business city.

The City of Cape Town’s 2016 submission to the CDP included actions such as reducing emissions through waste management at landfill sites, lower carbon energy supply generation, on-site renewable energy generation, sourcing 10% to 20% of our electricity from renewable energy, and supporting the development of clean technology industries and initiatives to increase energy security.

“We are indeed proud that our work is playing a part in the global efforts to address climate change and to be placed alongside other leading cities like Mexico City, Paris, Sydney, and Vancouver as one of the top five reporting cities,” Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille said.

“These results and our work to map our progress in addressing climate change is in line with the city’s ODTP and its aims to create an organisation that is that is more dynamic, more progressive, and more customer-centric…Cape Town’s work in measuring and reporting the data for our actions to address climate change to the CDP is in line with my commitment as a board member of the Global Covenant of Mayors and Cape Town’s membership in C40,” she added.

You can read Cape Town’s full submission on the CDP website.

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