Here are the winning 3D prints from the Monster Hunter Generations contest

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In January we brought you the story of 3D print sharing site MyMiniFactory and their Monster Hunter Generations contest.

In association with Capcom, MyMiniFactory tasked entrants with recreating the insane weapons seen in the games.

The results came in last night and we have the winners below. Make sure to click the name of the prop or the image to be taken to the page where you can download the weapon’s files for free.

First place: Functional Quill Burst by Agustin Flowalistik

Second place: Elite Blade by Abdullah Masri

Third place: Astalos Thunder Blade by Carles Sanchez Assens

For winning, Flowalistik walks away with a Raise3D N2 Plus Dual Extrusion 3D Printer and a Monster Hunter branded Nintendo 3DS.

Masri in second place also wins a branded 3DS and third place Assens gets an undisclosed “Monster Hunter swag bag”.

We’re going to give special mention to the Astalos Thunder Blade by Assens here because we missed it in our showcase of entries. It was uploaded shortly after our list was published, and just hours before the contest closed.

The model for the blade is 55cm long, and it’s filled with LEDs to give it a subtle lighting effect.

You can also see all entries in this list which, according to head of marketing at MyMiniFactory, Rees Calder, came in at more than 150 models.

“We’ve been absolutely stunned by the effort put in by the design community for this competition. We received over 150 entries in all and were amazed by the designs that were submitted, and choosing the winners was close to impossible,” Calder said, “We’d like to thank Capcom and Raise3D for making this campaign possible; keep your eyes peeled for even more awesome competitions coming soon!”.

[Image – MyMiniFactory on Facebook]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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