DA: “Our Zuma no confidence online petition is biggest in SA political history”

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The DA’s online “No Confidence” petition against President Jacob Zuma, has passed the 500 000 signatures mark, making it the biggest political online petition in history – at least, that’s according to the party in blue.

The petition was launched the day former Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, was fired along with other colleagues in President Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle. Hours after the launched, it had racked up 100 000 signatures.

“The DA’s #NoConfidence petition has today exceeded 500 000 signatures, making our petition, if not already the biggest online political petition in South Africa ever, then certain to be the biggest,” DA spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said.

At the time of writing it had 528 723 signatures.

“It is clear that the people of South Africa have no confidence in Jacob Zuma. The past two weeks’ enormous groundswell of protest action against Zuma, along with this growing petition, show that Zuma must go,” van Damme said.

It’s hard to confirm or deny the claim, but a quick search for political petitions on two of the most popular petition sites used in South Africa, Change.org and Amandla.Mobi, seem to support it.

On Change.org, the most successful political petition is also related to Zuma and has 42 683 signatures. It’s a little harder to find one on Amandla.Mobi, but one of its most successful petitions has 17 070 signatures and is related to virginity testing.

“We thank the patriotic South Africans who are coming out in numbers to oppose Zuma’s corruption, recklessness and self-enrichment in mass action across the country, including yesterday’s National Day of Action,” van Damme said.