Bayonetta lands on PCs

Ever wanted to fight angels and demons with a woman who looks like Sarah Palin if she ran a leather fetish club?

Well, if you’re a PC gamer were out of luck because the only game in which you could do this was Bayonetta, a superb hack ‘n slash made by Platinum Games that was exclusive to consoles.

That is, until today.

In news that will have the PC elite frothing at its collective mouth, Sega has released Bayonetta on Steam today. The game is currently priced at a very reasonable $20 (R219 on the local Steam store) and if you hurry, you can bag the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition for no extra cost. This offer, incidentally, closes on April 25th – that’s Tuesday in two week’s time.

For your financial outlay, you’ll receive a positively eye-popping array of visual options. The PC port includes resolutions up to 4K at 60FPS if your PC can handle it. Sega says that the game will also support mouse and keyboard interface as well as the option to use a controller – although how the hell you’d play this game with a mouse and keyboard is beyond us.

Designed by Hideki Kamiya – the bloke behind the first Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2 – Bayonetta won tons of praise on its original release back in 2010 and for good reason. It’s easily one of the deepest and best third-person fighting games control-wise and its action is so over the top it’s down the other side. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this:

“We are dedicated to bringing high-quality, best practice PC conversions of our back catalogue games to our fans, and Bayonetta was a great fit,” John Clark, Senior VP of Commercial Publishing for Sega Europe.

“Bayonetta is one of the most often requested PC conversions of our games, so finally being able to launch it on Steam is fantastic. There’s more to come!”

More to come? Right, Sega, stop messing about and get Vanquish on Steam. Now!

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