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Ten more 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories

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Last month we brought you a feature on 3D printed accessories for the then unreleased Nintendo Switch. You all seemed to like it – so here are some more.

This is partly thanks to the massive boost from model sharing site MyMiniFactory and their contest. Refereed to as “design challenges”, MyMiniFactory teams up with other companies to run a contest requiring entrants to create new 3D prints for various themes, and rewarding the winners with prizes.

This is great for the community as all the entries remain on the site free to download. They did it recently with Monster Hunter Generations and the world now has many more impossibly sized weapon props because of it.

With three days left before the contest closes on 8th April, you’re sure to also see a flood of last-minute entries, so check back here when we have the final results. It’s sure to be a good day for Nintendo Switch owners.

Click on the image or the name of the accessory to be taken to the free files. 

Joy-Con Holder With Storage Room by fotis mint

 Joy-Con Wizard Accessory by fotis mint

Pro Controller Clip by Jo

Folding Joy-Con Hinge by Steve Abrams

Minimalist Charging Stand by forest fee

Guardian (Zelda: Breath of the Wild) Stand by Jadrian Ejercito

Guardian Cartridge Holder by Jadrian Ejercito

NES Cartridge Holder by Forrest D. Ross

Folding Sun Shade by Patrick Gaston

Dockable Grip by Jo

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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