City of Tshwane and Project Isizwe looking for “sustainable” way to fund free WiFi

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The City of Tshwane has said it is working with the free WiFi non-profit organisation and supplier of the city’s free public internet, Project Isizwe, to find a sustainable way to fund the protect and keep residents connected.

When the DA administration took over in the capital city last year, the WiFi project, known as TshWiFi, was put under review along with all other contracts the city had entered into under the leadership of the ANC.

The review found that the city was spending more than it could afford to finance the project and therefore had to look at various way to fund it from outside the city’s coffers.

Alleged rumours from the ANC then arose, claiming that Mayor Solly Msimanga would be doing away with the project altogether. Claims Msimanga said were “misinformation”.

According to the city, information extracted from talks between the city and Project Isizwe was spread last week, suggesting that TshWiFi would be downgraded due to the city’s failure to meet its obligations towards the NPO.

The city has said it can’t continue to pay Project Isizwe the same way it has been since the initiative was kicked off in 2013 and that expenditure on it has to be justified in terms of supply chain management laws and regulations.

“Both parties will make every effort to prevent the expiry of agreements on the provision of free WiFi, but this will not be done at the expense of a clean audit finding for the city and value for money for the people of Tshwane,” it said.